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Wool Flannel

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Palma Christi Wool Flannel – Natural, Unbleached.  Use in Castor Oil Packs.  Durable, High Quality.

Boil or launder flannel to remove impurities which may remain in fabric.  Fold at least once to make a pack of appropriate size and saturate with Castor Oil.  (Oil may be pre-heated or used with heating pad.  Do not use heat if infection or fever is present or suspected).  Positions the pack over affected area and cover with a piece of plastic and a heating pad.  A towel may be useful to product bedding.  Allow pack to remain for an hour or more (note: Avoid falling asleep with heating pad turned on).  After the pack is removed, cleanse the skin with solution or baking soda and water (1 tsp to a pint).  Store in plastic bag or other container in a cool place.  Clean pack as necessary or discard.  Use pack daily or in a regular cycle (ex. 2-3 consecutive days a week) until results are obtained.

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