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The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses

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The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses, a tested method for improving vision by the doctor who originated and perfected it, by William H. Bates, M.D.

“The fact that I do not wear glasses, although I review more than three hundred books every year and carry a very heavy editorial and journalistic program, is due entirely, I think, to the ‘Bates Method.’ Dr. William H. Bates and Mrs. Emily Bates… are benefactors of their fellow men.  Other members of my family and many associates have been helped as I have been helped.  The volume Better Eyesight Without Glasses tells this thrilling story and is unique in its field.” – Dr. Daniel A. Poling

Better Eyesight Without Glasses is not only the definitive source for the classic Bates Method, it is in itself a remarkable phenomenon.  In the more than forty years since this revised edition was first published, the book has gone through innumerable printings and is more popular and more pertinent than ever today.  Dr. William Bate’s revolutionary and entirely commonsensical theory of self-taught improvement eyesight has helped hundreds of thousands of people to triumph over normal defects of vision without the mechanical aid of eyeglasses.  If you think that your eyesight could be made better by natural methods, you are right.

After years of experimentation, Dr. Bates came to the conclusion that many people who wore glasses did not need them.  He gradually and carefully developed a simple group of exercises for improving the ability of the eyes themselves to see, eliminating the tension caused by poor visual habits that are the major cause of bad eyesight.  These exercises are based on the firm belief that it is the natural function of the eyes to see clearly and that anyone, child or adult, can learn to see better—without glasses.  Every copy includes a detachable eye chart for improving your vision at home.  The reliable Bates Method has stood the test of time; Better Eyesight Without Glasses will give you all the guidance you need for relaxed and improved vision.

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