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Thai Crystal Deodorant Roll-On (3oz/90mL)

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The amazing Thai Crystal Deodorant Roll-On™ (3oz/90mL) eliminates body odor with 24 hour protection!  Hypoallergenic, Unscented, No aluminum chlorhydrates, no solvents or thickening agents added, No propyls, No alcohol, and 100% natural.

DSA offers you a liquid roll-on format made from the same mineral salts that are found in the deodorant stones.  We know you will find our roll-on a welcome addition to our line of 100% pure and natural deodorants which are good for you and our environment.

This product does not mask body odor like other deodorants.  This product neutralizes bacteria on your skin and impedes it from multiplying.

Because customers demand the most natural products available, no chemical additives or thickening agents have been added.  This product contains only 100% natural mineral salts and purified water.

Dries quickly.  Does not leave any sticky film on surface of skin.  Goes on clean and clear with no white residue.  It won’t stain your clothing.  No animal testing and environmentally safe.

Directions for use:  Simply invert the bottle and bring back up right position before applying roll-on to skin.  DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BOTTLE.  This product does not contain any thickening agents and is less viscous than most roll-ons.

Important:  Apply Roll-on to clean skin only (after shower or bath).  Can also be applied to feet and intimate area of body.

Ingredients: Mineral salt (potassiumalum), purified water, celquat.

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