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Pureform Omega Liquid 4 oz

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Liquid Ounces (Oz) Per Bottle: 4 Oz

Pure Form Omega® Liquid is an Organic, Essential Fatty Acid, Plant-Based, Fish-Free, Cold-Pressed, source of Omega-6 and Omega-3. 

The Pure Form Omega® Liquid proprietary formulation is made up of Organic Evening Primrose oil, Organic High Linoleic Sunflower Seed oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed oil, and Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, all excellent sources of essential Omega-6, along with Organic Flax Seed oil for essential Omega-3, to obtain what we consider the ideal Omega 3-6 combination (a 2.5 Omega-6 to 1 Omega-3 Ratio). 

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