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ParaFlexx® Dehydrator Sheet (EACH)

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 A washable, reusable sheet that is 14" x 14". For smaller dehydrators, this sheet may need to be cut to fit in size. 

A sheet is necessary to prevent sticking or leaking through the plastic mesh of the dehydrator trays

What is it?  A washable, reusable sheet that fits the Excalibur dehydrator trays.

Why use it?  For sticky, wet, or liquid items, a sheet is necessary to prevent sticking or leaking through the plastic mesh of the dehydrator trays (i.e. crackers, pancakes, fruit leather, etc.)

How do you use it?  Place wet items on the sheet.  If making an item that is to be completely dried, flipping midway through may be required.

Safety?  ParaFlexx® sheets are made with a non-stick technology and are rated for food contact for up to 500°F (260°C).  The non-stick product is applied using a laying process, much different from the process of spraying (used with pots/pans) that can begin to breakdown with high heat and improper use.

QUICK TIP:  Flip it?  When using a solid sheet to dry a wet food, flipping will generally need to occur in order to dry evenly without spoilage.  Some foods are easily turned over by hand, while others are more challenging.  For a semi-dry cracker batter or bar, remove the tray from the dehydrator.  Place another dehydrator tray upside down on top of the tray you wish to flip.  While holding both trays together firmly, flip them over.  You should now be able to remove the top tray (this is the one that was initially on the bottom) and peel the solid sheet away from the food.  In general, this is a good time to score or cut and cracker/bar into whichever shape you choose.  The batter is wet  enough to manipulate, yet dry enough to hold shape!

Informational reference from Raw Foods Dehydration Permachart.

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