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Medi-Clay FX 90 caps

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Medi-Clay-FX™ provides a rare source of calcium bentonite clay that supports in whole-body detoxification. It contains a unique source of bentonite clay called calcium aluminosilicate.

- Premier, rare desert clay (calcium bentonite - smectite form)

- This rare clay is believed to be the only known bentonite sourced from the site of an ancient underwater volcanic eruption that was flushed with fresh water for millions of years.

- Excellent adsorptive and absorptive properties make it ideal for supporting deep cleansing of radioactive compounds, heavy metals, and chemicals

- Highly alkaline pH to help purify blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid in the human body

- Aids the system by eliminating positively charged toxins, waste products and other noxious substances

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