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Maine Coast Kelp Granules (1.5oz/43g)

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Enjoy wealth of nutrition this kelp brings you from the deep Atlantic!

High consumption of seaweeds lead to markedly longer lifespans!


Sea Seasoning – Kelp Granules (1.5oz/43g)

Thanks to Maine Coast deep water kelp, you will more than meet 100% of your iodine RDA of 150 micrograms.  A serving of ¼ teaspoon will provide approximately 3mg of iodine, or 20 times the RDA.  Is that safe?

Dr. David Brownstein, MD, thinks so.  He regularly prescribes 6-12mg of iodine as a maintenance dose, and up to 50mg to “load” the body until it reaches sufficiency and excretes 90%.  In his book, “Iodine, Why You Need It”, he carefully analyzes and disproves the seven common concerns with using iodine above the RDA, showing in case after case history that the whole body benefits, while safely excreting excess iodine in the urine.

We also know Asian cultures with high consumption of seafood and seaweed, average well above 150 mcg of iodine per day and show no ill effects, with markedly longer lifespan.  If you are concerned about too much iodine, please consult your health practitioner.  Otherwise, enjoy wealth of nutrition this kelp brings you from the deep Atlantic!

Certified Organic by OCIA International

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