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Glaser Farms Organic Raw Vegan Golden Flax Seed Crackers (4oz)

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Crispy, savory, and wonderfully crunchy.  A perfect rectangle size cracker for open-faced sandwiches piling everything on top: sprouted nut pate, avocado, sprouts, baby greens, tomato and dressing, yum!  Also great for dipping, nut butter with sliced fruit, wonderful with nut ricotta and marinara and pesto for "raw" pizza.  The flax seeds in our crackers are not ground in order not to expose the naturally occuring omega oils in the flax seeds to air and oxidation.  Our flax seed crackers are germinated and slowly and gently dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure the integrity of this highly nutritious flax seed cracker.  Keep very dry & cool, or refrigerate for nutritional stability and freshness.  (Shelf life: Room Temp; 3 months, Refrigerated; 1 year.)  

Ingredients:  organic tomatoes, organic sprouted flax seeds, organic onion, organic green bell pepper, organic red bell pepper, organic orange bell pepper, organic yellow bell pepper, organic cilantro, organic scallions, french grey sea salt.

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