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Far-Infrared Ring 9 Ancient Healing

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“The Five Elements” Ancient Healing Far-Infrared Ring

This Far-Infrared Ring is manufactured in Germany and is made of the finest quality Titanium (Ti). The titanium is forged under High temperature at 2000 degrees Celsius or 3,600 degree Fahrenheit. This German craftsmanship of the Far-Infrared ring is forged under high temperatures using a proprietary scientific process that transforms the metal. During this scientific process the metal transforms into a fine ceramics resulting in a 93% Far-Infrared emissivity.

Far-Infrared therapy has long seen many positive applications and most notable for the components in far-infrared Saunas to heal internal organs, help detoxify the body, support the skin and nurture the body.  Infrared light therapy has also been used to treat chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation and even joint stiffness.  One of the reasons it is so effective is that it increases blood circulation in the skin and improves blood flow to the internal organs and this in turn can help boost overall cardiovascular health. 

We now have a Brand-New way to enjoy the many benefits of far-Infrared technology in an easily wearable form that can go with you everywhere you go. By wearing the ring on any finger, the far-infrared ring helps stimulate your blood circulation system providing a beneficial effect to the entire body.

Additional benefits reported by many users can also include:

  • Reduced muscle ache, arthritis-related discomfort, and joint-related discomfort
  • It helps the body balance the electrical current throughout your system
  • Improved nutrient intake (more bio-available to the body)
  • Improved lymphatic flow, increases energy and reduces Stress
  • Improve the Overall Immune System

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