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Discovering You in You, Your Way to Health and Happiness

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 It really is all about YOU.

Discovering You in YOU focuses on giving yourself the power to live your best life.

Brian R. Clement, Ph.D. Katherine C. Powell Ed.D.

The personal formula for joy is something that has evaded humans for centuries. What is it that makes us happy? How can we heal and grow from our experiences and, most importantly, achieve and sustain a high level of happiness?

Answering these questions for humankind are authors Dr. Katherine Powell and Dr. Brian R. Clement. In their new book, Discovering You in YOU, published by TriMark Press, they each delve into the many tiers of lifestyle — what we wear, how we eat, our mental and physical health — and relate how we can be better to ourselves and thus, better to the world in which we live.

“Your body and mind function optimally when they are nourished, exercised, hydrated, and rested. Once you have the courage to put your health “first” and ultimately learn to overcome adversities, you will find your true self. Diet, exercise, and rest patterns either denigrate your body or build it into a well-functioning partner,” the authors tell readers. “Discovering YOU in You will guide you on your life’s journey to health, happiness, and more satisfying social interactions.”

Above all, the authors want YOU to find the courage to persevere; to trust your intuitive feelings. Ask yourself these questions: “Do I know what really makes me happy? How do I prepare myself for ultimate bliss? How do I maintain my happiness level”? You must respond with your own ideas in order to create your own personal equation. “Joy and happiness in your life will help you find your own formula and the strategy that works best for you,” the authors state. “To keep and maintain a desired happiness level, constant awareness and meditation are required. Healing will occur naturally. Practice healing habits for ultimate happiness.”

Both Clement and Powell are the drivers of Hippocrates Institute, which pioneered the field of lifestyle medicine in the mid-twentieth century, weaving together a user-friendly program that consistently affords its beneficiaries the tools to find love, respect, and honor. With today’s scattered norms and misinformation, people are more perplexed and lost, and require an empathetic and proven road map that will bring them a harmonious future. Discovering You in YOU, say the authors, “will awaken your mind and soul, incite your spirit with enthusiasm and help to eradicate the bodily impositions that often manifest in disorder.”

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