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Deep Feeling, Deep Healing

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Deep Feeling, Deep Healing, The Heart, Mind, and Soul of Getting Well, by Andy Roman, MS, LMHC, RN


In Deep Feeling, Deep Healing, innovative psychotherapist Any Roman bridges the mind-body gap with his unique body-focused, deep feeling therapy, and shows you how to jumpstart your healing and radically quicken your personal development.  He has successfully pioneered his holistic approach to mental health since 1990 at the world-renowned Hippocrates Wellness in West Palm Beach, Florida.



*The vast network of neuropeptides (the “molecule of emotion”) that make up what we call the “mind”

*How to apply the thirteen principles of psychoneuroimmunology to guide your personal healing and growth; 

*How the five “Invisible Factors” of heart, mind, and soul can speed your recovery;  *How an enzyme-rich diet can boost your emotional vitality.


The body follows what is in the heart and mind.


“Over the last three decades Andy Roman has helped hundreds to erase disease, mental stigmas, and misguided personae.  Andy is gifted and shares his gift so very well.” – Brian Clement, Director, Hippocrates Wellness


“What a delightful book!  Filled with fresh thinking in simple form.  Andy’s honesty really invites the reader to participate in the exploration of their own mental healing.  Remarkable work.  Andy speaks the language of the body and heart rather than that of the mind only.” – Armand DiMele, host of the daily radio program, The Positive Mind on Pacifica Radio’s WBAI-FM


“I want to be like Andy.  He is a master teacher and master healer.  He is a masterful and comical group leader, and in the arena of counseling, of the highest order.” – Dr. Camden Clay, D.C., Cofounder of Centropic Integration.

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