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Belief; Integrity in Relationships

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Belief, Integrity in Relationships is co-authored by Brian Clement and Katherine C Powell.

The journey of Life is full of surprises, with ups and downs; the only things that are in your control are belief and attitude.  Our goals include being fully integrated and healthy to maintain meaningful relationships .  Your role in the world is to do your best and to become confident.  Honest, generous, trusting, and noble behaviors contribute to becoming a fully integrated person in a successful relationships.  This book is a roadmap that starts in the beginning with self-discovery, and then describes how to become the best you can be.   The second part prepares and guides you for experiencing satisfying relationships.  The third part of this book gives a bird's eye view of your place in the world and encourages you to engage in rewarding relationships.  People all over the globe say that happiness is derived from social relationships. Our culture plays an important role in this process and we have to understand how we contribute.  Belief, with trust in self and others, is all you need to move forward seamlessly, and to succeed in all your endeavors.  Enjoy the process.

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