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Heart Peeler

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The Heart Peeler is a versatile, compact all-in-one kitchen tool for peeling, slicing and julienne cuts. This high quality tool is perfect for smaller kitchens because of its compact size, yet equally at home in any kitchen because of its versatility. Featuring super sharp German stainless steel blades, it outperforms similar products seen on TV. The included mini-mandolin attachment doubles as a storage tray for the Heart Peeler when not in use. The set also includes a finger guard for safe and confident use of the mini-mandoline. If you are vegan, vegetarian or just committed to a healthier lifestyle, the Heart Peeler is a great addition to your kitchen. Here are a few of the features of this fantastic culinary gadget: Sturdy ABS plastic handle, tray and finger-guard, all BPA-free. Handle features a serrated German stainless steel peeling blade on one side, and julienne blade on the other. The peeling blade is bi-directional, so it peels on the upstroke as well as the downstroke for efficiency. The sharp, serrated blades make peeling effortless--even peel a butternut squash easily. When inserted into the mini-mandolin, the peeler becomes a slicer. Great for cucumbers, scalloped potatos and chips, shredding cabbage for coleslaw, and sliced onions. The julienne blade is perfect for creating zucchini noodles in a snap. Pair it with the included mini-mandolin attachment to create fresh hashbrowns for breakfast, minced onions, carrot strips to top a salad. The dual-blade handle also features one U-shaped and one V-shaped carving blade for decorative cuts as well as for coring. The mini-mandolin attachment has a V-cut tool on one end for decorating cantaloupe and watermelon, and a built-in multi-purpose grater on the other. The grater is superb for grating garlic, ginger, and nutmeg. 

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