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The Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna, Black Tent

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​The "Black" Relax Sauna is attractive and appeals to those who want something that looks more high-tech. It's made out of a thicker nylon and the silver inside the tent acts as a mirror and reflects better than the Silver Sauna. It's also a bit stronger than the silver model.

A 20 minute session in the Silver Relax Sauna can be done in about 17 in the black. Most who have experienced both find that the black sauna is a tad stronger. The embroidered Logo on the right of the sauna is impressive. It is a smart-looking sauna.

All sit-up saunas come with chair and carry bag. Chair is currently rated by the manufacturer for about 220lbs. Over that, use your own weight-rated metal chair or stool and cover with a towel. (Some owners over 220 lbs up to 345lbs tell us they use the chair.)

The dimensions of the both the Silver and Black Saunas are 32" x 32" x 46". The carry bag weighs 18 lbs., chair separate. For airline travel, everything can fit into an oversize hard suitcase.  Or a smaller suitcase and borrow a metal chair or stool.

This model contains the same radiators as the silver tent sit up Relax sauna but with a thicker tent for better heat retention and more reflection of the infrared. 

Helps Improve circulation - The penetrating infrared energy helps improves the blood circulation like no other sauna

Helps you lose weight - aids in increasing metabolism and helps burns fat, up to 600 calories per session!

Aids in beautifying skin and supports reducing the signs of aging - improved circulation = more healthy and youthful looking skin

Speed up healing by helping improve the circulation

Helps detoxify by increasing the release of heavy metals

Heats up faster than a wooden sauna - the Relax Far Infrared Sauna heats up in only 20 seconds

Low Maintenance & self cleaning. Zip it up and run for 5 minutes to self clean. Use a towel to absorb sweat and it is low maintenance. 

Portable and space saving - breaks down in less than 5 minutes

Efficient - Fast heat up time saves energy costs. Turn it on and you are ready to start relaxing!

Time saving - get a complete sweat session in only 20 minutes which is about half the time of a regular wooden sauna.

Helps Lower blood pressure - the infrared sauna supports increase in blood flow which may reduce blood pressure

Aids to Oxygenate the blood - helps increase nitric oxide production which reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection

Pain relief - aids in relief of chronic pain after using the infrared sauna

Each Relax Sauna purchase includes

  • a folding nylon chair 
  • a carrying bag 

Warranty 1 year

Standard shipping fee of $50 required for all sauna orders

Returns only within 30 days of receipt, including a $100 restocking fee


Relax Saunas have two far infrared radiators down below the feet. The electric current does not go near the body and thus EMF levels are low near the body and head when using.


How do I clean the Sauna?

Maintenance is easy.

  •  Always use a towel to cover any area your body touches to soak up sweat.
  •  Use a slightly damp cloth and mild soap to wipe the interior of the sauna.
  •  The foot pad between the two radiators can be removed and washed if necessary.
  •  You can also let the sauna run for 5 minutes empty to "self-clean".
  •  If dust builds up inside the radiator, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust.
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