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Self Healing Diet, Hardcover

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Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., L.N.

It’s no secret that obesity has become the number one destroyer of humankind’s health. For the first time in human history, being overweight kills more people than being underweight.

Self-Healing Diet ranks as the most practical, authoritative, accessible, and inspiring book ever published, covering the entire range of science-proven weight loss techniques. All of the major diets ever proposed are contrasted and compared.

You will learn which diets work, which don’t work, and most importantly, you will discover the reasons why.

Hippocrates Wellness Co-Directors Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Anna Maria Clement reveal what decades of working with thousands of clients have taught them about the art of self-healing and maintaining a healthy weight. Their Hippocrates Wellness center is one of the world’s premier destinations for regaining health while losing weight and promoting self-healing.

Dr. Bernie Siegel calls their book, in his Foreword to it, “a gift and resource…that truly guides you” to achieve your body health goals.

Dr. Zach Bush hails this book in his Foreword for its deep dive “into the revelations of cause and effect of our divorce from Nature’s nutrition.”

And famed Cornell University nutritional biochemist Dr. T. Colin Campbell lauds the “considerable success” that the authors have achieved in treating weight issues among their thousands of Hippocrates Wellness clients.

In these pages, you discover how to use your mind, body, and lifestyle, working together synergistically to ensure lifelong weight health by utilizing dozens of easy-to-use tips for weight loss success. It’s a pioneering book that presents a timely, safe and effective corrective program for controlling weight using natural self-healing principles.

This book provides a scientifically validated approach that helps you to lose and keep off excess weight, with the added value that you reduce your risk of disease, enhance your life quality, and lengthen your lifespan. What’s more, by losing the weight and keeping it off, using the Hippocrates success formula, this book tells you how you are making an essential contribution to addressing climate change and protecting planetary health.

It’s a book you can’t afford NOT to read!

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