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Enema Bag Set

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Used by our guests at Hippocrates Health Institute, the McKesson Enema Bag Set is used for relief of occasional constipation, bowel cleansing, or preparation of the colon for an x-ray or endoscopic examination.  This kit has also been used for wheatgrass implants by our colonic therapists.   This is a single use enema bag.

Each set contains 1500cc Vinyl Enema Bag, Vinyl Tubing with pre-lubricated tip (or you can use coconut oil), Tube clamp, protective tip cover, moisture proof drape, and an enema soap packet.

Frequency of use:  Adults and children 12 years and over:  One enema daily, or as directed by a physician.  Under 12 years:  Consult a physician.

Directions for use: Slide tubing clamp to off position, place two fingers under blue pull tab, pull forward to open top of bag, add desired quantity of selected solution, seal bag by pressing across valve closure with thumb and forefinger.  Suspend the bag for administration.  Position moisture proof drape under patient, remove lube cap from the tip of tube; proceed with administration using approved technique.  Drain unused solution from bag and discard.

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