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Personal Air Purifier

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Breathe Clean Air everywhere you go! 

Hippocrates Wellness custom Air purifier is shown to emit millions of negative ions every second we are breathing in air.  Up to 95% dust viruses, pollen, PM2.5 and other chemicals in the air are positively charged.

PM2.5 is particle pollution from fine particulates (PM2.5) is a concern when levels in air are unhealthy. Breathing in unhealthy levels of PM2.5can increase the risk of health problems like heart disease, asthma, and low birth weight. Unhealthy levels can also reduce visibility and cause the air to appear hazy.

Carrying and wearing this product can make the surface of the body and the floating substances in the breathing range negatively charged. Negatively charged floating substances accumulate and become heavy and fall, making them difficult to inhale in the nostrils.   

In an independent laboratory study this air purifier reduced virus-like pathogens (commonly used as surrogates for the influenza virus) from 95% in 20 minutes in a 3-cubic foot bioaerosol test chamber to duplicate one’s personal space.  

Ideal for wear while dining out, as well as for ground and air travel, sized unit weighs just 2 oz. and hangs comfortably around the neck with an adjustable lanyard, helping to purify the air up to 3 feet from the device when used as indicated.


Charging time:

It takes about 150 minutes to fully charge the battery.

24hours protection.



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