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H-Wave® OTC is a unique, scientifically proven method for relieving pain and providing real rehabilitative benefits. Even if you’ve used electrical stim before, H-Wave® OTC is different. While TENS can temporarily mask pain, the relief doesn’t last. Every time you use H-Wave® OTC, you’re getting therapy for your injury without the need for a prescription.

The Science Behind H-Wave® OTC

The H-Wave® OTC shares many of the same indications for use, and therefore has many of the same benefits as the prescribed H-Wave® device, but is now available to you directly without a prescription.

The OTC device generates a mild current that produces a comfortable, non-fatiguing muscle contraction. These contractions increase blood circulation which promotes the creation of new blood vessels that take necessary nutrients to the injured part of your body and help dispose of the “waste materials" that can keep you feeling sore, tight, and hurting.

The H-Wave® OTC can also help manage your chronic and post-operative pain, by shutting down the over-active nerve signals without the harmful side-effects of most pain medications.

You’re not only getting significant pain relief, you’re rehabilitating your injury, too.

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