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CWR Deluxe Chrome Shower Head Filter System

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The concentrations of chlorine vary from city to city, but the fact is that it’s damaging your hair, drying your skin, irritating your eyes and affecting the protein throughout your entire body. When you take a shower or bath in hot, chlorinated water, you’re inhaling chlorine and its by-products. In addition, warm water causes skin to act like a sponge and you absorb and inhale more chlorine in a 10 minute shower than you would by drinking 8 glasses of the same chlorinated water. Chlorine burns your eyes, irritates the throat and sinuses, damages the tissues of the skin and lungs, dries and decolorizes the hair and weakens the immune system.


Bottom line… exposure to chlorinated shower water is a major health risk. Also, many municipal waters contain iron, lead, dirt, sediment and other toxic irritants.


Now you can benefit from the advanced technology built into the exceptional Multi-Spray Shower Filters with 5 different spray settings from CWR Environmental Products. Unlike carbon filters, these remarkable units work best in warm or hot water utilizing a new ion exchange resin called “Chlorgon” to effectively reduce not only chlorine, but lead, particulates, iron, rust, dirt and other contaminants. The 5-Spray Shower Filter is highly effective, reliable and easy to use.


With a 6 month lifespan, you can feel secure knowing your water has been mad safe from contaminants, such as chlorine, lead and iron that are toxic irritants.

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